I grew up in lower New York state twenty minutes north of the city in a typical northeastern coastal town where I was lucky to be surrounded by much more talent than I realized until much later on. I was self-taught from age three and a half until about ten, but it wasn’t until I was twelve that I began studying with Don Perlman. Don was very influential to who I am as a technical player and teacher today by indoctrinating me into the world of technique, perseverance, “SLOW IT DOWN!” and self discipline. I worked with him for a solid seven years before moving to Ithaca, NY for college where I spent eight years cutting my teeth and developing my main project Big Mean Sound Machine. I hold a bachelor’s degree from Ithaca College in creative writing with a minor in politics. I’ve lived in Barcelona, Spain where I studied with notable drummers Andre Sumelius and Juan Luis Castano Alvarez and had the privilege and pleasure of traveling throughout various parts of western Europe, the Middle East, southeast Asia, and throughout North America. Currently, I’m based out of New York City but frequent Ithaca where Big Mean Sound Machine is based out of. Musically, I keep myself busy with recording sessions, a fair amount of live touring, teaching one on one lessons to a growing number of dedicated students and also working through music schools with students of all ages and proficiencies. In my free time I like to buy, sell, restore and collect vintage drums and cymbals, sculpt with various mediums, write poetry and creative nonfiction, take photos, and I enjoy traveling, cooking, cartoons and working with my hands. Afrobeat, jazz, avant-garde, experimental, and improvised music are styles that I’m particularly passionate about among plenty of others, and I lead a semi-regular 100% improvised session called subject.2.CHANGE which features collectively improvised performances from some of the most talented musicians around from various styles and backgrounds. Please feel free to contact me about studying, booking, playing, or whatever else is on your mind.