Bosphorus Master Vintage Series 22” Ride

Bosphorus Prototype 20” Ride

Bosphorus Master Series 18” Crash

Bosphorus Prototype 16” Crash

Bosphorus Master Vintage Series 14” Hats

Bosphorus Master Series 14” Hats

Istanbul Agop 22” Signature Ride

Paiste Signature 18” Fast Crash (1980s vintage)

Sabian Jack DeJohnette Signature Series 22” Ride (Original series, 1980s vintage)

Zildjian Istanbul K 22" Trans Stamp Ride (1957-1963 vintage)

Zildjian K Constantinople 22” Hi Bell Dry Ride

Zildjian K Constantinople 22” Flat Ride

Zildjian 20” Oriental Crash of Doom (2)

Zildjian A 20” Ride (1950s vintage)

Zildjian A 14” Hats (1950s top, 60s bottom vintage, thin) 

Zildjian A 14" Hats (1960s vintage, thick)


Walberg & Auge mid 1960s vintage Perfection Drums 12", 14" 20" (Gretsch Jasper shells, Rogers/Gretsch/Ludwig hardware)

Gretsch Playboy 1963 vintage round badge white marine pearl wrap 12”, 14”, 20”, 5.5”x14” (floor tom is an early ’70s Gretsch stop sign badge drum, pre-Baldwin era, recovered to match the original finish of the rest of the kit)

Gretsch USA Maple Custom Bebop 2010 Vintage Copper Laquer (Special Edition) 12”, 14”, 18”, 5”x14” vintage buildout

Ludwig Standard blue mist sparkle wrap 1971 vintage 12”, 13”, 14”, 16”, 20”, 5”x14” (matching snare is 1968)


Walberg & Auge 6.5" x 14" 2014 Maple Excellence snare (serial 00006)

Walberg & Auge 7" x 13" 2015 Black & Brass snare

Gretsch 5” X 14” Chrome over Brass 1960s snare

Gretsch 10” X 14” mahogany marching snare maple hoops single tension (1950s vintage)

Ludwig 5” X 14” Supraphonic keystone badge (1960s vintage)

Ludwig 5” X 14” Acrolite keystone badge (1960s vintage)

Ludwig 5” X 14” Acrolite blue/olive badge (mid 1970s vintage)

Rogers 5” X 14” Dynasonic chrome over brass (early 1970s vintage)

Leedy 5” X 14” Reliance lacquered brass shell (early 1940s vintage)

Kent 5” X 14” maple shell red sparkle wrap single tension (mid 1960s vintage)

Wilson Brothers 4” X 14” nickel over brass w/mahogany interior (1917- 1921 vintage)

Slingerland 10" x 14" 1960s field snare

Yamaha 3" x 14" 1980s brass piccolo snare


Gretsch 14" x 22" 1950s 3-ply

Gretsch 14" x 18" 1950s 3-ply bebop kick


DW 9000 chain drive

DW 5000 chain drive

Tama Iron Cobra chain drive

Gretsch Floating Action strap drive (1960s vintage)


Remo Pinstripe Coated

Remo Ambassador Coated

Remo Emperor Coated

Aquarian Superkick II


Vic Firth SD10 Swinger

Vic Firth SD2 Bolero

Vic Firth SD9 Driver